Damaris Ruiz Nino

Contemporary Abstract 2D Artist Nashville, TN

Creating abstract visualizations of how God plays a role in this life. Picture taken in Cozumel Mexico, artist of mural unknown

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Damaris Ruiz

The paintings are about subject matter that God is giving me to interpret through testimonies and issues we face in life. Paintings that are filled by expression and composed through the feel of the Holy Spirit, showcasing that no matter what obstacle in life we may be going through He is working. Whether that be in us realizing we all are the same inside and striving for the same things, yet come from different backgrounds; being economic, political, social, ethnicities, etc. We were all created with a purpose, mine is to share the love of Jesus based on personal experience through; immigration, a privileged society, being a woman and mother, having lost children and figuring out how to live a life after loss, etc. which then is translated onto canvas with the execution resulting in giving hope, peace and happiness and knowing that there will always be someone ready to love us.
These compositions are created through the use of expressive brush strokes with acrylic paint and ink. I love the use of graphite and soft pastels because of their rough texture, yet are precise and wonderful to layer on top of paint. Always with a bold color, variety and line usage. Each mark or organic shapes represent clusters, stigmas, groups, journey, growth, vitality and Jesus moving in the midst of every situation.


Middle Tennessee State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Scholastic Art and writing New Hope Academy Brad&Kim Paisley Vanderbilt hearing center Jenny Shouse Cameron&Lucy Nichols Lizzy Fig Gustavo Sanchez Gerardo&Ada Ruiz Toyo&Noemi Turcios Sherry Johnson Chase&Monica Porter Tony&Candace Nelson Arica Robinson Rachel Ray


Chalk artist oil acrylic murals